The No. 3: The Italian Job

italian (best).jpg

Of all the sandwiches in all the world, there may be nothing better than a good old Italian grinder. Ours comes loaded with the requisite Italian cold cuts (salami, mortadella), the proper cheese (provolone) thin slices of red onion, vinegar-massaged kale, our homemade balsamic aioli and, to give it the necessary tang and crunch, a sprinkling of house-pickled cherry pepper relish.

It’s costs just two bits over a Hamilton, and, as always, if you live nearby, we’ll deliver it straight to your door until 2:30am any day of the week.

Pair one with a side salad, some German potato salad or, if it’s 1am and you’re too drunk to care about carbs and trans-fats, some potato chips. (No shade on chips. They’ve always made the best sandwich side.)