The No. 4: The Bastardized (But Better) Roast Beef Sandwich

wine-braised beef.jpg

The King of Sandwiches is the roast beef sandwich. It’s a classic: Combine roast beer with cheddar cheese and horseradish and stuff it between two slices of toasted bread, and you’ve got yourself a sandwich that rivals any in the game.

But we think even that can be bettered, which is why we slowly braise the beef in red wine, which ensures the tenderest beef. Those braising juices mingling with the other ingredients like grilled onions and peppers and horseradish aioli, doesn’t hurt either.

Served between two slices of toasted Fleur de Lis bread and served nightly till 3am and delivered, free of charge, till 2:30am if you live on the eastside and within a two-mile radius of our Hawthorne Street shop.

Give us a call at 503-236-8067, or better yet, place your order for pick up or delivery online.